Cake from H-e-you-know-where

This past weekend was my little sissy’s last high school marching band competition. I wanted to do something nice for when she got home at 3 a.m. on Sunday…and I was also in the mood to bake. I wasn’t in the mood, or prepared, to make a cake from scratch, so I ran to Kroger and grabbed a box of red velvet cake mix, cream cheese frosting, and an expensive thing of black icing with the little top things you use to write. I chose red velvet for Morton (I know, I am just so creative).

I get back to my parents’ house and start to get everything together. I go to grab three eggs…they have two. I probably could have gone next door to get one, but I decided to google egg substitutes instead. I’ve heard of putting applesauce in cake mix before, but wasn’t sure if it was an egg substitute. After a little researching, I decided that it’d be okay. The only thing that went right this night was that they had two little cups of cinnamon applesauce, which equaled a cup and a half, which equaled what I needed. I’m guessing the egg substitute suggestion people use plain applesauce, but cinnamon worked fine.

Side note-I cannot eat cinnamon applesauce plain. My mom crushed pills in it when I was younger and to this day I can still smell it/taste it. Yum…

I went to put everything together and couldn’t find my mom’s big mixing bowl, so had to settle for a big measuring glass. When I asked her where the bowl was, she said she’d had the same problem until she remembered there was still Halloween candy in it by the front door. Valid excuse I feel.

Then it came time to pour it in the pan. Which I did. Then realized that I hadn’t sprayed the pan. Normally, I frost my cakes in the pan, but that night I was planning on taking it out and doing the sides (I did have expensive black icing that I needed to use). So, I poured it out of the pan, washed it, sprayed it and poured it back in. I put it in the oven. Then it took forever to cook. I don’t know if it was the applesauce or what, but it was in there for about 50 minutes. I don’t know if it was completely cooked when I finally took it out, but oh well.

I then waited a while to take it out of the pan (what’s protocol for that?). Well, it either wasn’t cool all of the way or wasn’t cooked all the way through because it crumbled in half. At that point, I didn’t care, so I grabbed a spatula to take out the rest and then pieced it together. Luckily, it went together pretty well!

After taking the cake out of the pan

I decided I would just glob on the frosting to cover all of the little (okay, big) holes, and I think it actually turned out okay. My mom said she had no idea it was in pieces when they cut into it the next day.

Great Job Helen!

I def used the black icing to put an unnecessary trim around it. My favorite part was probably the music notes. I also found red and black sugar sprinkles in my mom’s cabinet…probably from 1998, but who’s counting.

The cake tasted good in the end, so that’s all that matters. It was super moist, I’m guessing from the applesauce. Helen’s birthday is next week…I don’t know if I’ll attempt another cake for her or not. If I do, I can guarantee it will have black icing on it.

One more thing- as I was getting ready to leave, I looked at myself in the mirror:

Frosting on my eyelid...whaaaa?!




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