World Series Game Six

Two weeks ago today, I woke up to a text message from my dad sent at 8:36 a.m. “Guess whose going to World Series? Bundle up”

Wait…whhhhhat??? Wait! I’m going to the…World Series??

Probably the best text message I’ve ever received which was probably foreshadowing for one of the best nights ever.

But back to the beginning. My excitement came to a halt when I received a voicemail from my dad on Wednesday morning (game day). It was raining in St. Louis and it was expected to continue throughout the day. MLB would decide at one whether or not to play. I went ahead and got dressed planning to go, then ran to Wal-Mart in search for red ponchos and umbrellas per dad’s request. After making a stop at K-Mart, we were prepared for the rain. Dad got home from work, we ate our Jimmy Johns and waited for updates on the game. Around two, we decided to bundle up and head to StL. The radar looked like it was going to pass and our spirits were up. Until about 15 minutes into our trip. Dad got a phone call from a co-worker letting us know they’d called the game for the night. After a few stressful phone calls trying to find someone to cover my Thursday shift at work, I was excited again.

I woke up Thursday-the weather was the complete opposite of what it had been on Wednesday, perfect weather for a fall, World Series, baseball game. We hit the road around two again and didn’t get any disappointing phone calls this time. I even saw a random rainbow (which worried dad because there might be rain around somewhere, but look at this picture-probably not!).

Rainbow on the way to StL

We pulled into St. Louis around 4:30. I got way excited when I saw the Direct TV blimp. And, I love the Arch, so it was a perfect welcoming.

Blimp & the Arch

We parked in dad’s favorite parking lot (so easy to get out of!) and made our way to the stadium.

Clydesdales getting ready to go around the ballpark

Dad & clydesdales

Dad trying to figure out my camera phone

Me & clydesdales

I am basically in love with famous people, so couldn’t pass up the chance to try and be on ESPN, then had to take a pic of the KMOX booth too just because we were so close.

ESPN booth

KMOX table (not as popular as ESPN)

We eventually made it to an entrance and got way excited about our tri-color rally towels!

Love it here

After some browsing for some souvenirs, we eventually made it to our seats.

million dollar seats

Well, not completely. We made a quick stop to take a few pics behind home plate and the ushers actually let us go in so we could get a bit closer. Our seats were just a little higher than these.

View from our seats

I ran to the bathroom before the game. The Hey song started playing and I came back to this.


love our rally towels!

There were some pre-game festivities.


David Eckstein threw out the first pitch

Then the game started. We all know how this one went- the Cardinals were down then Lance Berkman hit a homerun and they were up.

Berkman's homerun

Then Texas quickly tied it and went up in the 4th, Cardinals tied it, Texas went up and it was this way the whole game, basically a nail-biter for 3 hours. Around the 7th inning, dad mentioned that it could be Albert’s last at bat in a Cardinals uniform, so naturally I had to take a million pics.

Potential Pujols' last at bat #1 (7th inning)

After Allen Craig’s homerun in the 8th and the Cardinals were only two runs down, we went from nail-biting mode to heart attack mode.

Craig's homerun to make it 7-5

Then somehow it was the bottom of the 9th. I was secretly okay with a Cardinals loss-they had a good run this postseason and I was excited about seeing an on-field celebration. I could tell my kids that I had attended a World Series championship game. The security started to line up on the field for the post-game celebration.


Albert was up again.

Potential Pujols' last at bat #2 (9th inning)

And then David Freese was up. And then David Freese was down to the Cardinals’ last strike. And then David Freese hit a triple to tie up the game. My hopes of seeing a championship game were put on hold.

David Freese's triple to tie up the game

And then Josh Hamilton hits a two-run homerun in the top of the 10th. [insert more secret hopes for seeing a championship game!]. Bottom of the tenth, let’s go boyz. But, it’s okay if you lose because I want to see a championship.

Potential Pujols' last at-bat #3 (10th inning)

But boyz, if you want to get down to your last strike again, I’d be okay with that. However, Lance Berkman, if you’d like to tie it up, I’d be okay with that as well.


Top of the eleventh (after 11 o’clock)-getting to be tired, fighting a headache, but still way into it. Dad & I are able to breathe a little when Texas doesn’t score in their half. Then, David Freese is up to bat. He’s already been the hero tonight, maybe he can at least get on to extend the game. Orrrrr he can hit a homerun if he wants.

David Freese's winning homerun


Celebrate good times, c'mon


More celebrating

I still can’t figure out how the Cardinals won this game. I still can’t believe that I was there.

Thanks, Daddy

We spent probably 45 minutes in the ballpark after the game.

MLB Network people

Ozzie Guillen

Me & Dad ready for Game 7!! Best.Night.Ever.

We hit the road around 12:45. We made a 2 a.m. pit stop in Litchfield to get gas (as were many other fans coming from the game) and Burger King (Burger King? at 2 a.m.? yum? yes!). Finally made it home around 3:30 a.m. What an exciting, fabulous, super dayyy!

[ps I don’t actually remember much about the game, so I had to use ESPN’s box score and match it up with my pictures. You can go on ahead and believe that I’m really a baseball genius if you want though]

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3 Responses to World Series Game Six

  1. Meg Carty says:

    i’m going with baseball genius! although not a cards fan – what an awesome opportunity!! 🙂

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