Photo Tour: Deer Creek, IL

My spider friend on the side of our building

Looking down First Avenue

Building next to ours

Business District

Village Tap, Nana's Bar & Grill, and Barrister's Pizza Pub

Bank & Library


Most east part of town (a the fire department, car wash, storage units and some popcorn place)

Lawn mower repair shop

Nice, new places. I am going to live here someday

East side of the water tower


Most roads are not gravel, but the one north of the school is

Dee-Mack Intermediate School

Some roads have sidewalks, some don't. Most of them are random and start and stop where they want.

love this neat house

West side of the water tower

Golf Cart #1

Turn the corner...Golf Cart #2

Park...on Park Street, of course

Park, Founded 1900

One of the pools in town that I like

Underground house!!!

My favorite place in town!

Kitty on a leash!...not even a leash, it's a piece of yarn

Train runs south of town, it's basically right outside of our place. Our whole place shakes when one goes by, but it's only a few times a day.

One more shot of the water tower.

I have learned that I alwaysss need to take my camera with me when I walk through this town! Best example? Kitten tied to the yarn in the front yard. I think I had to run back inside to get my camera that time 🙂





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2 Responses to Photo Tour: Deer Creek, IL

  1. why do you have that creepy person-made-of-people commercial at the end of this post? hahaha! i hate it!!!

  2. nevermind… i guess it was an advertisement… but it looked like it was part of your post! weird!

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