Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Last week, my friend Elizabeth posted a recipe for a pie crust and then for a chicken pot pie. The only pot pies I’ve ever eaten have been frozen Swansons. I used to eat them as a kid and I’ve had a few the past few years (did you know they make microwavable ones these days??) and even then I just pick through it and eat the veggies. Since I told my mom I’d cook a lot while I was living here and I didn’t, I decided to make this for the fam tonight.

Now, I’m not very good with making new things and pie crusts and breads make me nervous. I asked my mom if she ever made pie crust and she said she has like once and it’s hard to get the right texture. She told me I should just use Bisquick or a store-bought crust and forget trying to make one, but I was determined to at least try! I even went out and bought a pastry knife because Elizabeth made it seem essential (and I think it is!). Instead of making a post exactly like hers, her is the link to Elizabeth’s Super Easy Savory Pie Crust.

Mine turned out kind of crumbly, but I’m sure with some practice (and maybe some assistance from my mother-in-law who makes incredible pies), I will get it down. Elizabeth separates this dough into three separate bags. I ended up tossing the first because I thought it was no good. At this point mom & I decided to just make some Bisquick to toss on the top. However, then mom looked & tasted my other crust and determined that it tasted normal (such a small relief!) and she thought it might work. I couldn’t really shape it very well (and had to cut the zip-lock bag open because I was too nervous about pulling it out of the bag), but I ended up just laying pieces on top. It kind of looks like a continent that’s falling apart.

First attempt at pie crust-not pretty, but tasty!

The actual filling was really easy to make. Here is Elizabeth’s recipe for her Chicken Pot Pie. I get stressed when I cook food with lots of steps and almost forgot to add the peas and corn. I also doubled Elizabeth’s recipe to feed my family of five and so we could have some leftovers. This included carrot, celery, onion, frozen peas and corn, and shredded chicken. I used chicken breast tenderloins and just threw them in the crock pot for a few hours this afternoon. The sauce is chicken broth, heavy cream, and flour. While we were eating it, mom thought potatoes would be a great addition (pretty sure frozen Swansons includes potatoes…it’s my fave part). Elizabeth suggested substituting the heavy cream with a can (or two if you double) of  potato soup. I think chunks of potato would be fab too since potatoes are basically my fave food.

Filling before crust

I was scared to try it, so I let everyone else take the first bites. I was so surprised how much everyone liked the crust (way to go Liz!) and sooo happy that it actually (sort of) turned out! When my dad got home, he told me it was awesome and then later stated that it was one of the best meals he’s had in a while (…or something along those lines, that’s what I heard at least!).

If you’re looking for something fairly easy and mega-delicious, check this out! Plus, it has lots of veggies, so it’s basically all healthy for you (shhh we’ll all pretend that heavy cream has as many calories as carrots). Enjoy! [ps I am excited to get to use my square dishes again in a fewww days!]

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie


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