I’ve hated making lunches for as long as I have had to make my own. In high school, I would try to pack them at night, but nothing sounded good. Then, I’d tell myself I’d have enough time in the morning, but of course I never did. I def miss having a meal plan and didn’t have to worry about making anything, because that ruled! Then in grad school, the same thing happened in high school.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be this way the rest of my life. Maybe I’ll make my kids pack their own lunches so I don’t have to do it 🙂 My dad was trying to make his lunch the other day and was complaining about how he’s so sick of having sandwiches everyday. I’ve been sick of sandwiches for like 20 years, so apparently it’s always going to be this way.

At least throughout the summer I’ve been able to make things other than sandwiches. However, this usually means pasta or a frozen pizza. I could eat pasta every day and be satisfied, but I know I shouldn’t, so I try not to. Today, I was getting out of the pool and trying to think about what I was going to make. I decided that a tostada sounded really good (probably because I only had one from Taco Bell last weekend when I wanted two) and when something sounds good, it stays in my head until I have it. I was hoping that we had everything to make one and somehow we did! While I was making it, I decided to throw in a little twist.

Here’s what you need:

Tortillas, refried beans, lettuce, sour cream, salsa & cheeeeeese

A tostada is typically made with a fried corn tortilla, but I used a wheat tortilla because it’s what was in the fridge.


Heat up the beans. The label says to warm in the microwave for 2-2 1/2 minutes, but I usually do closer to 4. While the beans are cooking, I threw the tortilla on the skillet to brown it a bit. I only used a bit of cooking spray on the pan. I didn’t butter the tortilla or anything (makes me feel healthier).


Then I had the idea to make it a tostada quesadilla! [Apparently wordpress does not like Spanish words-it is red underlining tostada and quesadilla.] Start by putting on the toppings. Spread the beans and throw on some lettuce.

Beans & lettuce

Next, spread on some sour cream and salsa.

Sour cream & salsa

Oh no! I must have forgotten to take a picture of the most important part, the cheese! Picture a picture of cheese on top right here.

While I was making it, I put the top tortilla in the skillet to crisp it up a bit too. Put that on top and put the whole thing in the skillet and cook it like a quesadilla.

Cook it like a quesadilla

Flip it to cook the other side. Next time I might be more careful about picking out two tortillas of similar size. Maybe is the key word there.

annnd flip

Once both sides are browned and the cheese is melted, it’s time to eat!

Tostada Quesadilla

You could probably take all of the ingredients and assemble it at work or school as an alternative to a turkey & cheese or a pb&j. Hey, maybe I should be the next Sandwich King!

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