Jubilee Cafe

A few years ago, dad & Helen came across a cafe just west of Peoria and have raved about it since. M & I lovvve going to hometown/family restaurants and have always meant to visit, but have never thought about it at the right time. Saturday, we went out to run some errands (okay, not really errands, more like shopping/browsing for fun) and ended up just going for a drive. We drove up to Dunlap and then over to Chillicothe. On our way to Chillicothe, M suggested going to get pie at that one restaurant (had to text Helen to find out the name).

So, we turned around, plugged it into Suzy (my phone gps) and were on our way. Or so we thought. Somehow, we ended up in downtown Brimfield after losing signal. My mom called to see if we wanted to go out to dinner, so we decided to find the place and get pie to go. After continuing to drive, and Judy (Garmin gps) taking us to Weaver Ridge in the middle of Peoria, we decided to quit looking for the day.

M had the day off today, so we decided to go out to lunch. We were originally going to Sonic or Wendys, then M suggested going out to the mall. I said if we go to the mall, we might as well go find Jubilee Cafe. We took the interstate out this time and sure enough, there it was, right off of exit 82 on 74. It was a typical diner. The cole slaw was fab, the fries were good, but our sandwiches (M had a patty melt, I went for the chicken bacon swiss sandwich-our usuals) weren’t outstanding. It was also kinda pricey. We (he) were (was) too full to have pie there, so we took a slice of cherry to go. We warmed it up when we got home and it was delicious! We didn’t have ice cream to put on it, but it would have made it even better.

If you’re ever out in the Kickapoo area, I def recommend stopping by the Jubilee Cafe for at least a slice of pie!

Day Twenty: Drove around looking for the Jubilee Cafe

Day Twenty-Two: Drove out to the Jubilee Cafe for lunch



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One Response to Jubilee Cafe

  1. philip and i always pass jubilee cafe on our way from hanna city into peoria. i always giggle because jubilee is a funny word. (it’s me, by the way… your future neighbor in deer creek!)

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