Deer Creek

Breaking news! [not really breaking since I posted it this afternoon] I went to see an apartment (a townhouse ratherrrr) this afternoon with my mom in Deer Creek. Even though I haven’t found a job yet, we really liked this place (well, M only saw a few pictures online, I went with my mom today) and figured no matter where I end up working, the drive wouldn’t be too bad. Deer Creek is in the middle of Bloomington and Peoria, so about 25 minutes either way.

The apartment (townhouse!) has two bedrooms, one and a half baths (the main bath has two sinks and lots of cabinets), a one-car garage with extra storage room on the side, a private patio connecting the garage and the kitchen, a porch with room for chairs, lots of kitchen cabinets, extra storage under the stairs, and washer and dryer hookups. Oh, and kitties are allowed! We will have to save up to get a pet because it costs $200 extra to have one, but eventually we’ll get one. I know the place is new, but I don’t know how new.

We will be able to move in around September 9. It is nice to have finding a place to live off our checklist. Last winter, we talked about getting a house, but we both realized that getting a house just wasn’t a good idea right now since we don’t know what we’ll be doing with our lives in a few years (if anyone wants to figure that out for us, please do). I think we’ll be happy here for a year, if not longer.

I’m excited to get in and take pictures to share. The girl was still living there today, so I didn’t take any pictures of her stuff. However, here is our new place! It is the one on the right (the one without the pink chairs on the porch).

Day Ten: I signed a security deposit check for this apartment


[Also, it is my half birthday today. Happy half birthday to me & my daddy!]

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