Sunday Afternoon Baseball

Most of my day today was spent at the ballpark (well, I guess only like 5 hours were spent there, but it wore me out, so it felt like most of the day). As much as I may or may not have complained about having to wake up at 9:30 this morning (soo early!), I really do enjoy a Sunday afternoon baseball game.

From a business standpoint, the attendance at the game today was horrible. From an employee slash fan standpoint, the crowd was fab. I had two people in my section and then a few kids who would roam between the seats and the grassy area that I also oversaw. I actually got to watch the game without many interruptions. I also got some good sun on my face, which we all know I enjoy. Even though it was about a billion degrees out today, there was a nice breeze in the outfield, so it actually wasn’t too bad (also helps that I have a lovely husband who brought me a cup of ice, cold water and a pretzel-thanks M!).

After the game, M & I went to Friday’s with one of the interns. We owed him a drink for his 21st birthday last month (they got beer, I went with something more hydrating- strawberry lemonade- Friday’s strawberry lemonade is to die for). Even though most of the conversation was about work and was between the two of them, it was fun to just hang out. M & I don’t have many friends, so it’s always fun when we do get to go out and do something.

I can’t believe the Chiefs season is almost over! They only have 14 home games left this season and I will be working ten of them. At least after the Chiefs end, I will still have some MLB to watch for a few more months…thennnn it’s hockey season!

Day Seven: Sunday baseball


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