I know I have mentioned the pool before, but it’s so great that it deserves it’s own post. I feel like I haven’t been spending enough time in it lately, but I got in a few times this week before work in the evening. Yesterday, the water was perfect. With the mega-hot temps these past few weeks, the water has been almost too warm, but yesterday it was cool, but not cold.

I realized that our pool-time is starting to run out. I think some of my forehead freckles have already faded, so I need to work on that before summer is totally over! And, no worries, I haven’t had any more face swelling from sunburn like I did earlier this year! Hopefully we’ll be able to keep the pool open through most of September with the heater on. It’ll be weird slash prob awesome to come home from the Pumpkin Fest parade and get in the pool.

Anyway, enjoy these last few weeks of summer! I can’t believe how fast it’s flown. I don’t know what I’m going to do when everyone goes back to school in a week. Well, that’s a lie, I do. I’m sure I’ll spend the time in the pool 🙂

Day Five: Spent some time in the pool before work

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  1. hel says:

    cool picture.

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