Well, it is technically no longer our anniversary, but I figured if I post before bed, it still sorta counts. Yesterday was our second-year wedding anniversary. It wasn’t too special, but definitely better than last year’s! Last year, we woke up on Sunday morning, went to breakfast, then M had to work. Allllll day. He didn’t end up getting home until around 11:45 (I think the one post-game concert of the summer fell on August 1, go figure). I ended up going to Morton and hanging out with the fam. Also, Becky drove through town and we got lunch together. When M did get home, we ate a bite of our cake, had a sip of the same kind of champagne that we had at our wedding, then went to bed. The cake was actually not half bad! A little dry, but my mom did a great job of wrapping it and we kept it at the neighbors who have a reliable freezer, so no freezer burn at all! I was too tired to take a picture of us eating the cake that night 😦

Year-old cake

This year, M happened to have this weekend off, so we took a quick trip to Burlington, Iowa. He did an internship with the Bees there three summers ago, so we went to a Bees game when we got there Friday evening. We stayed across the street in a 21-year-old plus hotel, sooo fancy! When we checked in, the lady IDed us to make sure we were 21. She looked at M’s ID and said “hm I wouldn’t have guessed that you were that old.” He asked how old she thought he was and she said she didn’t think he was even older than 21 (I didn’t ask how old she thought I was). After scoping out and falling in love with the room, we went to the casino. Iowa still allows smoking in casinos, so we didn’t stay for too long. We left up a quarter (started with 5, left with $5.25). We went over to the arcade and played some skee-ball before heading back to the room (but not before checking out the 24-hour outdoor pool at our hotel. We didn’t get in, but we probably should have). Oh! Then I discovered our room came with robes. We both ended up sleeping in them because they were so comfy, minus the fact that it is like 90 degrees out (hey, it was cold in the room). Oh, if we wanted to buy our own, they were $100 in the gift shop. If you took it from the room, they’d charge you $120. We skipped out on this deal this time.


Saturday morning, we woke up and went to breakfast (cinnamon raisin french toast, yum!). We had to check out of the fancy hotel because they were full for Saturday night. We then drove around Burlington and made a stop at Shopko. I love Shopko! I miss having one around here. I ended up finding a cute scarf for $5. Then, we found the Jelly Bellies. We decided we had to get some because we got some on our honeymoon and then last year we went to the Jelly Belly factory. I guess that’s our new anniversary tradition. We ran to WalMart and found Dunkaroos!! Highlight of the weekend.

We then went to the waterpark that was attached to the hotel. It was nice out, so the park was pretty busy, so we didn’t stay long. We ran into Mike’s sister Kelly, her husband Joe and our nephews, Braeden, Dayton and Evan. It was fun seeing them for a bit. We went on one of the slides with a tube and it knocked us off at the end! I have a huge bruise on my arm from the pressure of the water. After the waterpark (and some DQ), we checked into our other hotel. We should have napped, well, M did, I got caught up in watching Four Weddings and couldn’t turn it off.

We then went to the races! I grew up going to the races with my dad when we lived in Freeport (we went all of the time-he would buy us cotton candy at the intermission and the run us home and he would go back) and also when we visit Belleville, KS. M & I went in Burlington when I visited him during his time there, so we decided we had to go again. Even though I find the actual race kind of lame and long, I love being there. The smell of the dirt track reminds me of my childhood. We were sitting behind a family of one of the racers, so it was kind of fun watching them get into it and cheering for their husband/dad/grandpa (I think that’s what we figured out). Oh, and we had some really good cheese fries. The races didn’t get over until like 11, so we were ready for bed when we got back!

Waiting for the races to start

Sunday morning, we woke up, went to breakfast and checked out of the hotel. We went to the arcade and spent the rest of our money there. We got a pack of sour patch kids and an air head with our winnings 🙂 We rode go-karts, which weren’t that fun. I was beating M for most of the race. At one point, I crashed my kart real hard when taking a sharp turn, so after that I was done. Then it continued for what felt like forever. On one of the last laps, a lady passed M & me (so she lapped us haha) and made us all crash. M said that after that, she continued to bump into him, so it wasn’t even fun. We went to lunch and then hit the road.

At the Bugaloo Cafe for lunch

Before we left town, we stopped by Snake Alley- the windiest road ever. M said when he lived there he never got to get out and walk it, so that’s what we did. Lucky for us (me), it wasn’t too long, so I didn’t have to hike up a hill in the heat very long. M thought that cars weren’t allowed on it, but we saw two drive down it when we were walking. I wouldn’t let him try it in his car.

Snake Alley

Before heading out of town, we stopped by the river front (not too exciting) and got gas (also, not too exciting, except gas is cheaper there). Even though we couldn’t really afford the trip (well, we could afford it, but probably didn’t need to spend the money), it was nice to get away for a weekend. It was perfect that it was our anniversary weekend and that M didn’t have to work.

We didn’t do anything exciting on our actual anniversary. M made fettuccine alfredo for dinner…sounds romantic, right? Then remember that we are living with my family, so we ate with everyone. We exchanged gifts-he got me Just Dance 2 and made me a shirt with his picture on it (…the cotton gift…). I gave him Inception, a business card holder with his name engraved on it and a Pujols shirt (cotton). Since we couldn’t go out to eat, we went out for ice cream. It was a simple, but nice anniversary.

So, I know that I totally failed at the 30 day challenge (I had a headache that lasted almost 4 days, so over those days I was not in the mood to write). However, I want to try a 365 (wait-is next year a leap year? I guess 366) day photo challenge. I already know that I will not post a picture a day, but I want to at least take a picture a day and post it when I get around to it. When I get going, I’ll compile them in a Facebook album. I figure that what better 366 days to follow than my third (!) year of marriage!

Day One: anniversary ice cream

Happy two-year anniversary, M! Love you!

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