Greatest thing Ever!

You should know by know that I’m a pretty big baseball fan. One of my favorite summer activities is having a game on (Cardinals’ games, duh, but often any game will do)-sometimes on tv, sometimes on the radio as we porch sit (or swim in the pool)

This past Saturday night was no different. We came home from dinner and mom had the game on. She mentioned that Chris Duncan would be helping out with the postgame show. Chris Duncan has always been one of my favorite players just because I got to have my picture taken with him back in 2000 when he was with the Chiefs. Then, mom had a FABULOUS idea! Since they take fan questions and comments throughout the game, mom suggested sending in the 11-year-old picture of Dunc and myself.

Mom had the picture scanned into her computer, so we didn’t even have to find the picture and scan it in. She emailed it to me and then I tweeted it in from my phone (@fsmidwest what what)! We then called in M & dad from the pool and all gathered in the living room to watch the rest of the postgame. They’d already responded to a tweet, so I knew that they’d been checking!

Finally, with about 8 minutes left in the show, they started talking about the old school jerseys the players had worn that night. This transitioned nicely into my 15 seconds of fame!!! They mentioned something like “speaking of old uniforms” and put up my picture. I don’t remember much about what they talked about for the next 30 seconds because I was so excited, but I know he talked a little about his time in Peoria.

I’ve never really been on tv before. I mean, I’ve been in my fair share of band concerts on Morton ch. 20, but definitely not real tv! I’ve always secretly wanted to be someone who gets mentioned on a show like this, so basically like a dream come true.

Now, here’s the picture I know you all have been waiting to see. Introducing: 18-year-old Chris Duncan and 13-year-old Hannah!

me & Chris Duncan, summer 2000

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