Day 2: Meaning

Here is the long story of my blog name: I am uncreative.

Seriously (is uncreative even a word? It didn’t red underline it!). I have always had a hard time coming up with names for websites, journals, emails, IM, etc. Most of mine have something with Han or Hannah in them. When I was a freshman in high school, I kept a website on geocities. I think my username was angelhan87 or something. Dunno where I came up with angelhan. Also, an email I had was smile87 because I like to smile? Lame! I’ve decided to keep my life simple and professional by just using my initials and last name most of the time.

I did have one creative screenname once when I went through a Blink 182 phase in high school: grlatherawksho or something haha. But even then, I felt weird using it, so I stuck with han2oo5 (which is still my AIM today- im me! psych I really don’t log on anymore, even though I kinda want to).

And proof that I’ve been lame since the beginning:

Helen, myself and Reid in Kansas; probably 1996

Also, if I could add one more thing to my last post, it would be that I’m addicted to chapstick. Seriously, I can’t go anywhere without it or I die!

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