Day 1: 15 Things about Me

Happy Day 1 of the 30 day challenge! The first one is 15 things about me with a recent picture. It was hard to come up with 15 things (maybe would have been easier if it was like 50 because I could prob talk about myself all day). Oh! I just noticed Day 1 will be over in 11 minutes. Here is a picture of me from the wedding this weekend:

July 9, 2011


15. I was born February 10, 1987 on my dad’s 31st birthday. Sometimes, I forget that his birthday is coming up then will remember on like the 9th…whoops!

Me & Daddy, March 2011

14. I have lived in four houses-I was born in Lincoln, moved to Freeport when I was two, moved to Channahon when I was nine and moved to Morton when I was 11. I suppose I now have also lived in Charleston and Normal, but sometimes I forget that and don’t include it.

Freeport House

Channahon House

13. I graduated from Morton High School in 2005. I then went to Eastern Illinois University where I majored in journalism with a public relations concentration and minored in Spanish and advertising and graduated in May 2009. I originally wanted to do marketing/pr for a sports team. I cannot speak Spanish, however, I’d like to maybe someday take some basic classes again to maybe refresh my memory…we’ll see. In May, I graduated from Illinois State University with my master’s in College Student Personnel Administration. I always enjoyed school, but really don’t think I’m going to miss it!

EIU Graduation, May 2009

12. I married M on August 1, 2009. I cannot believe that it’s almost been two years! Sometimes I have a hard time realizing that I’m married, but at the same time I can’t imagine the past two years of my life any other way.

Cutting the Cake, August 2009

11. Going to EIU was probably the best decision of my life. Sometimes I can’t believe how much I was involved or that I was a president of an organization. I definitely miss everything and everyone about being there.

NRHH exec board, Spring 2009

10. My two greatest personal accomplishments have been winning the Enochs scholarship my junior year at EIU and never missing/skipping a college class during my six years of college. I know that’s way lame, but I seriously never did! I always hate being behind and missing information, so I never skipped.

Enochs Scholarship, May 2008

9. M & I have been living at my parents’ house since Memorial Day to save money and while I find a job. We figured that it’d be a bad idea to find a place and then me find a job somewhere where it would make us both drive further than necessary. We are muy grateful for the P’s letting us stay with them, but are also ready to find our own place. I am also muy grateful of the pool that they put in in May.

PFP the day it went up

8. I love cats. My family has had two cats, Stormy and Alegra, since 1996. They will both be turning 15 this year. They are crazy, lazy and old, but I still love them. It makes me sad that they hate each other (seriously, can’t be in the same room without hissing at each other), but I love them! Stormy is super shy and usually only stays on my bed. She sleeps with me & M every night. She loves playing with string. When she is in my room, she is really friendly, but if you try to talk to her or catch her at any other part of the house, she freaks out. I’m pretty sure I’m her favorite. Alegra is basically the complete opposite, she freaks out if you take her into my room and is friendly in the rest of the house. My mom is her favorite. Every night, she’ll follow my mom up to her room and stay there until she kicks her out. It’s so funny. I heart both of them sooo much! I can’t wait to get my own kitten, hopefully someday soon.

A rare shot of me with both cats!





7. I love watching tv. In our apartment in Normal, we didn’t get many channels and I don’t know how I survived (it was probably better that we didn’t, ya know, with the whole grad school thing). My favorite shows currently are The Office, Parks & Rec and Modern Family. I also watch TLC shows (love the Duggars, Toddlers & Tiaras and basically everything else) and 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. Oh, and ABC Fam Secret Life and Make it or Break It. Oh, and I love The Next Food Network Star. The more cheesey, the better for me!

6. Back in the day, I always thought that more than four years of college was for doctors and never realized that furthering my education was even an option. I remember going on a walk with M during probably my sophomore year where he was asking me if I had ever thought about going to grad school. I remember saying “I don’t even know what grad school is” because he was talking about going. It was the summer before my senior year that I decided that I too would go to grad school. I only looked at ISU’s program because that’s where M was going and it had everything that I needed and wanted (and I didn’t have to write a thesis).

After I got accepted to ISU, Spring 2009

5. I have no idea where me & M’s lives will lead us. Up until now, I’ve always had some sort of plan, but I’m at a point where I have no idea! It’s a good thing that I’m a go-with-the-flow kinda gal, but still, this is driving me crazy. I’m just so ready to find a job and get started with my life, but I know it will come soon enough. We always talked about having kids five years after we got married (and I thought that was too long and crazy), but now it’s down to three years! I may be ready to have kids in three years, who knows, but at this point, three years seems so short!

A week after we started dating, March 2006

4. Most of my summer has been spent on Facebook. That’s so lame, but it’s true. I got hooked on Wheel of Fortune and love any other games.

3. I enjoy cooking, but I am not really good at it. This past year, I tried to try more recipes and usually M gave them good reviews. It’s hard to make some recipes that I want on a budget though just because I don’t like buying cilantro and only needing a little bit and throwing the rest out. I hope to some day be able to make what I want and not have it go to waste. My favorite cooking website is I freaking love Ree and everything she writes about.

Me & M's traditional Christmas meal

2. I am not really into fashion, but wish that I were. I have the hardest time putting together outfits, which is why I usually throw on a t-shirt and then put a necklace on to make it dressier. My mom has a 30% Kohls coupon (my fave store), so even though I don’t yet have a job, I may go ahead and get some new clothes with that discount. Luckily, my sister has more fashion sense than I do, so maybe she can go with and pick me out some cute clothes. I am growing my hair out right now and curling it and stuff. I like it short, but right now I really like it long. I don’t know when I’m going to cut it. I might let it get long enough to donate.

I looked cute this weekend!

1. I really really do miss writing in my journal. I don’t know why I don’t anymore, besides being lazy. I wanted to try and keep this blog to keep updates in my life. I seriously want to keep it up, we’ll see I suppose! Oh! I love I Love Lucy & I own all 9 seasons [I added this in because it was so important].

I literally love Lucy

The end!

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