Fun in the…Rain?

It is 11:52 on a Sunday morning and the sky makes it feel like it is 4 in the afternoon. I am always game for a good storm, but this is getting ridiculous. All I want to do is go swimming!! Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be hot and sunny. Today I wanted to watch the race (which I am doing right now) and then jump in the pool (oh, and maybe head over to Normal for a bit to finish packing, but not on top of my priority list). Instead I am watching the race in the dark (power isn’t out, but we don’t have the lights on) and it just started raining. C’mon storm-let’s at least be a good one and then pass quickly. At least it is almost 80 degrees out and and 50 like it has been the past few days.

I drove to Normal the other day during the big storm. I knew one was coming in, so I decided to head back in hopes of beating it. I checked the Peoria radar, but not the Bloomington one. As soon as I headed east, I got a call from momma that McClean Co. was under a tornado warning. Uh, fab. I probably should have turned around, but I decided to keep going. I listened to the radio the whole way home and it seemed as the worst of the storm was south of Normal. It was raining the whole trip, but as I pulled onto my block, it started pouring and there might have been some hail…oh, and the sirens started going off. Normally, I would love a storm like that-but only if I was in a house with a basement with other people and not driving heading to a puny apartment. I made it in okay and then set up shop in the hallway, making sure to face the tv towards me so I could continue to watch the radar. I told my dad about my trip and he told me that it was good for me and it built character and that next time it happened I wouldn’t be as scared. Uh, maybe daddy, but probably not.

Anyway, enjoy your weekends. Eat lots of brats. Drink lots of beer. And, if it ever clears up, come on over and enjoy this:


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