HS, M.S.

That is correct my friends, I graduated with my Master’s Degree from Illinois State University a week ago today! I can’t believe how fast these past two years have gone. It is definitely a weird feeling thinking that I will (probably) never have to write another paper or take another test ever again 🙂

Throughout this week, I told many people that, “Oh yes, I just graduated with my Master’s Degree last Saturday” and it felt great 🙂 I told a bunch of random Chiefs fans who probably didn’t care, but they all seemed happy for me! I don’t really feel any different or any smarter or anything, but it’s just cool to think about. One of my fellow ushers asked me if I had been keeping a list of all of the smart things I had done since graduation haha. Oh! I was listening to Delilah on my drive home one night this week and she does a “Delilah’s Dilemma.” She throws out a disclaimer that she is not a doctor, does not have PhD or a Master’s Degree and I said, “HAH! I do!” and it felt awesome. I could be Delilah.

I have gotten closer to some of the people in my cohort within the past few weeks/months and it makes me sad that I didn’t get to know them better earlier. I am sad that we are all moving to different places and, lets be real, some of them I may never see again. Sarah left on Monday and I didn’t get to say goodbye. I’m excited that I’ve gotten closer with Sara & Becky because they’ll both be around here for at least this year & hopefully we can hang out more. During my first year, I didn’t really make an effort to get to know anyone (minus the fact that I’m still mega-shy at times and still have a hard time getting to know people). Since I started school just a few weeks after I got married, all I wanted to do after class was come home and see M instead of going out with people. Sometimes I wish I had hung out with more people that first year, but oh well!

I finished up my assistantship in the Student Involvement Center yesterday. In addition to going to work, I worked three Chiefs games in Peoria, so kept busy and didn’t really feel done. Even though I am now done in the SIC, I will be busy next week with more baseball games starting on Tuesday (there’s a 11-game, 10-day homestand and I think I am working 7 of those days…$$). I am probably going to stay in Morton a few of those days so that we both don’t have to drive over to Peoria. Hopefully the weather will be fabulous and I’ll get some great pool time in!

Eventually, I need to think about moving 😦 We have to check out of our apartment on May 31 and we’re going to be moving in with the P’s for a while. We are grateful for mis padres letting us do this while I continue to job search (grateful for mis padres and for their new pool). But ugh. I hate packing and moving. I guess we’ll see how much junk we have accumulated over the past two years. Oh and if anyone wants to have a spaghetti dinner…I’ll be hosting like eight of them within the next two weeks!

I promise to blog more these days (espec since I have nothing better to do)! Wonder if there is a waterproof ap for the iPad so I can blog in the pool…that is a big jk. I’m not dumb after all, I have my Master’s Degree!

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