Fertilizer & Cold Gatorade

Last fall, I tried actually running for the first time ever. I was surprised to learn that I actually enjoyed it. I was on track in high school, but didn’t run. Then, in college, I had free access to the campus rec, but didn’t use it. Finally, last fall I purchased a rec pass and used it for most of the semester. Then one week I had a cold and didn’t feel up to working out then the next week I was busy (or probably “busy” rather) and didn’t do anything. ISU opened a new rec this semester that is free to students, so at the beginning of the semester I’d go for a few days, then take a few days off.

It’s been hard to make a work out routine this semester because of work and my class schedule. But this week I decided I am going to try to get back in the swing of it (and that’s my word- all of you are now welcome to a. encourage me and b. hold me accountable). I’m not doing it to lose weight (plus, I couldn’t afford to buy new clothes if I did!), but rather just to get in shape.

Yesterday & today I took quick runs (slash, well, mostly walks) around the block, which I think is about a mile & a half. I put fertilizer in the title because a few yards smelled of fresh fertilizer and it was great. I love that smell. M bought some Gatorade this weekend AND put it in the fridge, so the only thing that kept me going was knowing a cold Gatorade was waiting for me. Now I’m having a hard time not finishing it because I have to sit in class for the next three hours and I know my bladder won’t appreciate it, even though my taste buds would.

Me & M's New Balances. Mine are the shiney ones. I heart them.

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