Zero Step Fruit Dip

It hit almost 80 today in the CI (that’s Central Illinois for you out-of-areaers). I bought ingredients to make fruit dip a few weeks ago, but it didn’t feel summer-y enough to do so until today. And by today I mean tonight. As in like 10:30. p.m. But that’s okay- it got made!

So, the title of this entry lied a little. There are a few more than zero steps, but it’s seriously like three…and that includes eating it. This is a recipe that my momma makes every summer. I really only eat it with strawberries because that’s what momma has always served with it. Also, I’m picky and don’t like too many fruits. Okay, on to the dip!

First: Start with the ingredients. Use an 8 oz. block of cream cheese (make sure it is cream cheese and not nufunchugal…okay I don’t really know what that n-kind is called, but I made the dip with it on accident last year and it just wasn’t the same). I got 1/3 fat free. I don’t like many fat free things, so I figure that 1/3 still gives me plenty of fat. I’m sure you could use whatever (except nufunchugal). The other thing you need is a jar of marshmallow fluff (I think it’s 7 oz. if you want to get technical.

marshmallow fluff & cream cheese

Oh wait? You want to go the healthy route and actually eat some fruit with it? Well, I suppose that’s okay too.

healthy part...not required

Then put the cream cheese and fluff into a bowl. I sprayed my spatula with some cooking spray before I scooped out the fluff because it’s so sticky. Doing this worked like a gem. I only took a pic of the cream cheese in the bowl, but I think you can figure out how to put in the fluff without a picture.

cream cheese and imaginary fluff

Oh! It was about this time that I remembered that I think some vanilla goes in too. I dunno how much I added. I didn’t want to dirty a measuring spoon because I’m lazy, so I just poured some in the cap and poured it in.


Then take an electric mixer and mix it all together. I also sprayed the mixing things (what are those called??). I have a cool mixer that has a timer on it. But if you mix it on low until its creamy and there aren’t any (or at least many) cream cheese chunks, it’ll be fine.

mix until it looks like this

What step are we on? 1.5? Well, technically the actual dip is done. I still needed to cut up my berries, so if you don’t know how to cut up strawberries, you can continue reading.


De-stem the berries. Now, you could def leave them like this and eat them whole. This way is probably better for dipping. However, I have sensitive teeth and don’t like biting into big, cold berries. Here, you could cut the berries in halves or quarters. Or, if you like them smaller than that (and may or may not be afraid of cutting a finger), like I do (slash am)…use an egg slicer! So easy & so quick!

egg slicer!

[ignore the every-other painted nail thing I have going on…I got a manicure a week ago & some of the nails have chipped and some haven’t. Plus, I’m too lazy to take it all off, so I’m just picking at it as it wants to come off]

strawberry slivers

And now…time to dip the fruit!


Since I like my berries so thin, I usually eat them with a fork (that is when I decide to eat berries with this dip). This dip is seriously so easy to make and takes about .7 seconds to make. It is perfect to make for yourself or to take to a summer cookout! Did I mention that it is delicious? because it is!

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