March Madness


So I am here working march madness in Peoria. I am selling papers and cheer cards for the Peoria Journal Star. However, currently, I am sitting in a dark corner of the exhibition hall “working” the table at the experience. I say “working” because clearly I am currently typing this blog entry on my iPad. I was working in the arena which is fun because you get to see fans and families supporting their local teams. I started at 10 and I am scheduled until 9. At 3 my supervisor moved me ore here…then told me this is where I would be until 9.

At first I was upset because I was planning on taking a break between sessions-mom was picking Helen up and was going to take us to grab something to eat. Then I found out I was going to be working back here and couldn’t take a breaks. Okay whatever. THEN the game that was going on over here ended around 3:30 and the next game doesn’t Starrt until 5:30…it is currently 4:28. Luckily, mom took my iPad with her today and had it in her car, so I was able to get that when she picked up Hel. I will prob read a book or something on here during the games.
Oh I left out the best part. The lights are off. It is not completely dark over here, but dark enough. I keep getting looks from security guards like why are you sitting here in the dark?? But! I am getting paid to sit here in the dark and play on my iPad (even though the Internet connection is not good, but I am picking up some signal).

So yeah, here’s to hoping the next 4 and a half hours go by fast. It was 6 hours and the last hour and a half went by quick enough.

Ps there is a lot of loud music and bright lights that hurt my eyes. I took some tylenol when I got in here because I anticipated a big headache.

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