Happy birthday to me! [part 2]

My day ended up being fabulous (as are most of my birthdays). I wrote my first blog before Megan got into work. A little bit later, she brought in these…yum!


They are (well, were hehe) so cute! The Hannah is still intact, but almost all of the other ones are gone. Steve’s bday is next week, so I am sure that we will be bringing in more treats!

I have had quite a few memorable birthdays 🙂 These are my most memorable:

February 10, 1987: okay, well I do not remember this one, but I was born on my dad’s 31st birthday. I love that we share this day together. Happy 55th (!) birthday, daddy!

me & Johnny P on my wedding day


February 10, 1988: I had the chicken pox on my first birthday. Again, I do not remember this one, but this was the year my dad got his first video camera, so we do have it on tape. Maybe we can watch it this weekend 🙂 I didn’t get to have a real birthday party because of the chicken pox. Sad.

February 10, 1999: My grandpa, my dad’s dad, died on our birthday this year. My dad drove out to Kansas that day in time, but it is still very sad. Miss you Papa P! I can’t believe that it has been 12 years! I also can’t believe that 12 plus 12 equals 24- I was 12 then and I’m 24 now (duh haha), but still, weird to think about!

What I remember most about my grandpa-playing the accordion (he's the one in the middle)

February 10, 2005: This was my basketball senior night. It was real busy and we didn’t really get to celebrate. What was most memorable was the next day, even though it wasn’t my birthday. I started to get a fever during school. I had an econ test later in the day, so I decided, for the first time EVER that I would go home during the day. Seriously, it was my first time ever leaving school in the middle of the day. Ridic I know (but what better time to do it during your senior year and when you have an econ test that you didn’t study for…I really did end up having a real high fever). Later that night, we found out that my uncle Kerwin, my dad’s older brother, had died. Again, another sad birthday (or birthdayafter), but memorable.

with Uncle Kerwin one summer at Mama's in Kansas

February 10, 2008: I turned 21 this year. I was lame and instead of going out to a major par-tay, I went to a leadership conference. It was awesome because at midnight I got so many calls and texts. It was just really fun. Then once we got home, I went out to Mexican with a bunch of friends, I had a margarita (or two…plus a shot that I didn’t do, but did pour into my marg haha). I had a headache (pre-margs I promise!) and ended up going to bed at like 9 that night.

My 21st birthday/NRHH spirit day!

So, yay to my birthdays! Again, thanks for all of the love 🙂 I like how my facebook notifications say that so&so posted on your wall along with 84 other friends hehe. I also got a very unexpected text from an old friend that made me smile. There are also a few people who I expected (…or not from one haha) wishes from, so I want to pull a Michael Scott on them:

Michael calling Jan: Happy birthday Jan

Jan: It’s not my birthday

Michael: Oh, I thought we had the same birthday.

Jan: Happy birthday, Michael.

Happy birthday, Hannah!!!!

[ps and since I went back and added pics, I received a text from one of the two people and two more wall posts. I guess I’m just so popular!]

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