Happy birthday to me! [part 1]

Today is February 10th! aka the best day of the whole year! [except for maybe Christmas, I haven’t decided]. Yes, today, Februrary 10th, is indeed my birthday! I have always gotten so excited (trust me, if you are my friend, you WILL know when my birthday is coming). This morning started off, well, basically like any other morning, besides that it’s my birthday and that I am wearing a cute dress πŸ™‚

Then I got to my car 😦 My car has a history of not liking cold weather, but so far this winter she’s sucked it up & done pretty well. Until this morning. And of all days, it had to be my birthday. She started after a few cranks (?) of the key so I got excited, then I put it in reverse and she died 😦 Then she stayed dead for a while. I even had to call work and tell them I’d be late (I’m late like every day, but when I have a real excuse, I feel the need to let them know!). I decided I’d wait it out a bit (by sitting in the car, sounds dumb now, but I really think all Skyler needs is some love). It gave me the chance to get ahead in Angry Birds! Then, I decided to try starting her again. She revved, revved and revved (is that what it’s called??) and then FINALLY started. I decided to be a nice owner and let her warm up before we tried to make the journey to school, plus I got to play Angry Birds for longer.

As I was driving to work, I was grumpy 😦 At a four-way stop another car pulled up and I said “Watch out other car! It is my birthday-it is my turn!” I decided that was not a very smart thing to do at a four-way stop, but it was my turn anyway.

As I walked into work, I was thinking about my past birthdays (I’ve had some weird bdays!) and how I should blog about them [which I will, later]. Then I walked to my desk and saw this:image

Most of my grumpiness went away because this made me smile a TON! Then, not even three minutes later, a guy walked in asking for me (and I groaned a little because I was not ready to deal with people)…then I saw the flower guy πŸ™‚ These are from my fam:



I love my fam. And the flowers. And my desk decs πŸ™‚ Also, I love that I am eating my leftover snack from class last night- strawberry pretzel square things (or as my brother calls it, hard jellow stuff). I will be posting pics from making it at another time. So delish! Perfect bday bfast!


Okay. There is work to be done. Check back for bday part dos later today!

OH and make sure you wish my daddy, Johnny P, a happy bday too!!! Also, keep those facebook wishes coming…they make me feel special πŸ˜‰

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