I know that I just wrote about how much I love snow, but this time it is definitely worth writing about again! Illinois State is closed for the day! Eastern announced it would be closed last night then Morton announced it a little later (and Morton hardly ever closes!). I woke up to my alarm at 7 and saw that I had emails from my mom (I really do love having email on my phone). I had emailed her last night to tell her she had no school. Her first response didn’t have anything about ISU being closed, but 20 minutes later she wrote back that it was! Then I saw an email from the director of the Bone announcing that the Bone would reopen when ISU did. I was sooo excited I had a hard time falling back asleep! Mike decided to stay home too. Eventually, I feel back asleep for a few hours.

I decided to make a yummy french toast breakfast. I didn’t really do anything special that I haven’t done before, maybe added a little more cinnamon, but other than that it was the same. But it was sooo delicious! Perfect breakfast for a day like this. I am still siping on some mint hot chocolate.

I plan on having some tomato rice soup (my absolute fave that you can only find in certain grocery stores!) and a grilled cheese (or two) this afternoon. The rest of my day will probably be spent watching Lucy & reading a book!

The best part about this snow day is that it hasn’t even hit yet. Last night when I left work around 6:30, it was snowing chunks! I have video of it hitting my coat hood & it sounds really neat. It actually hurt when it hit my skin, but I was in love with it (even though it was probably dangerous). I am hoping that it will hit hard eventually because I have two classes tomorrow that I wouldn’t mind not having 😉 I suppose for now I will take what I can get! Be careful to anyone who has to go out in this!

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One Response to SNOW DAY!!!!

  1. Becky says:

    haha, yeah, I woke up to a text from Harriett at a quarter to 6 saying that it would be closed, and I did *not* go back to sleep, lol. But still a good day!! And closed tomorrow too!

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