Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas

Part of this blog is to show what I cook. A lot of what I make is simple and not really fancy (for example the french toast I made this morning and the canned soup I am going to make later tonight). Those simple foods are not worthy of their own blog posts because who wants to read about opening a can of soup and throwing it in the microwave?

I have recently been trying to cook more real foods. Last night I decided to make Pioneer Woman’s grilled chicken and pineapple quesadillas. I saw this recipe on her site a while back and thought it looked delicious! I absolutely love grilled pineapple! I also love chicken. and bbq sauce. and cheese. and the general concept of a quesadilla! She recently re-posted the link for Superbowl ideas, so I finally decided to make them last night.

I changed it up a little. I did not use jalapenos because I am not that kind of gal (I can eat one or two covered in nacho cheese when I’m eating nachos, but that’s about it). I also used canned pineapple rings instead of a real pineapple because a. is it even pineapple season? b. I am cheap and c. I am too afraid to cut a real pineapple 🙂 I just got my first real cutting knives, so have been trying to cut small things (like canned pineapple and chicken). Both my mom & M’s mom have pineapple slicers (my mom’s makes a big pineapple swirl and M’s mom’s cuts it like an apple slicer). Eventually I will invest in one of those, but for now I’ll just settle for the canned stuff. I also just used shredded cheese because, again, I am too cheap to buy the block kind, and not to mention too lazy.

My brother got us a George Foreman for Christmas. We have a little smokey joe grill, but it is February (well, it was January yesterday), we live in Central Illinois and we are under a blizzard watch. For this purpose, George sufficed!

First I grilled the pineapple. Have I mentioned how much I love cooked pineapple? Because I do! Look how yummy this looks. I am surprised I continued to cook and didn’t just make a meal out of grilled pineapple!

Next, I cooked the chicken. I used Sweet Baby Ray’s honey bbq sauce and mixed in some of the pineapple juice and brushed it on the chicken. I don’t know if the pineapple juice did anything, but I felt cool doing it! [I may or may not have flipped the chicken for visual effects…the top ended up getting kind of dark…or maybe it was burned ;)]

Here is a picture of my chopped pineapple…and my new little chopping knife hehe. I haven’t used the big one yet.

Then starts the quesadilla assembly. I like a lot of bbq sauce, so I spread some on the bottom tortilla…and on the top. Then put on some chunks ‘o chicken.

Then add some of the delicious grilled pineapple! [and eat a few pieces in the process]

Sprinkle on some cheese. And by some I mean a ton! Monterey jack por favor.

Then spread some bbq sauce on the other tortilla, put it on top, and throw it all in a skillet (or on a griddle or quesadilla maker or whatever you prefer).

I took a sneak peak.

After both sides are lightly toasted and the cheese is all melted, it is done! Take it out and place it on a square plate. Oh wait, that’s what I did because I have cool square plates. I am sure a circle plate works just fine. I cut it into four pieces with a pizza cutter (which reminds me how much I enjoy pizza quesadillas).

Delish!!! and, like I mentioned, I like lots of bbq sauce. I poured some in my little bowl thing that I never use because it looked cool (with the square plates hehe).

This was quick, easy, delicious & filling! I only ended up eating half. I don’t know if it reheats well, but writing all of this has made me hungry, so I am about to find out. If it doesn’t reheat, I have leftover chicken & pineapple and might make another 🙂 Enjoy!

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