Ned to Install

So, I’ve heard lots of people complain about Comcast (or Comcrap as my brother calls it). I have never really had to deal with them. However, a few weeks ago we got a letter in the mail saying that we needed to replace our modem by January 25. I first felt that my apartment should handle this, because, well, it is theirs. I emailed my complex director and asked what I needed to do (hoping that they’d say oh we’ll take care of it). Of course she told me I had to go deal with it.

Me being me, I waited until today, January 25th to take care of this. I thought about being stubborn and not doing it at all because I was (and still am) convinced that my internet would still work even if I didn’t change it out. But, I decided to venture over there today after work. First I was skeptical because it was way across town (okay, maybe like 5 miles away-if that) and in the middle of the neighborhood. Weird.

Oh- let me mention that me going out and doing this myself is a big deal. I usually let someone such as M or my parents take care of this. (okay my parents would not go get a new modem for me, but in the past for similar things, it would be them to go do it). I get to the place. It looks like a bank, that is even how the front desk was set up. I talked to an unfriendly woman (I wish I had the guy next to me, he looked more pleasant- and he was left handed, those are my fave). She didn’t say much to me, but did her job, switched out the modem and then asked if I knew the email address on the account. Of course I didn’t know that since it is the apartment under the account. Then she told me to call this number to activate it.

I called Comcast for the same thing when we moved in, so I was prepared for this. After being transferred three times (mostly because they’re options were confusing, so I ended up pushing whatever buttons) and saying “Hi I live in an apartment I need to activate my modem…no I do not know the number on the account” three times. I ended up talking to Anton (maybe?). Nice guy.

I don’t get frustrated very easily, so even though I was on the phone for 20 mins and was transferred three times, I was able to remain calm about it. I mean, it wouldn’t have gotten fixed if I wasn’t patient! But! What made the conversation(s) worth it was when I went onto their website and found this typo 🙂

Ned to install…


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