I. Love. Snow. You may think I’m crazy, but I really really do. Of course, I mostly love snow before slash def on Christmas, but I enjoy it all through winter too! We had a white Christmas [Eve] this year and this is my dad’s huge tree in the front yard.


My dad’s tree in the family front yard.

I woke up this morning with a lovely snow on the ground. It was a lot nicer than yesterday’s sheet of ice I found on my car (and had about 30 seconds to try to scrape off). I will say that I do not like driving in the snow- especially since the night I drove home in crazy snow (I really don’t think it was that crazy, but I was scared) and then M’s accident the next day. But, in general, I love snow! On the first snow of the season, M & I tried to go to the driving range just because. However, they were already closed (not because of the snow, because of their hours). We came home and made snow angels in our backyard. By backyard I mean the little area behind our apartment- it’s not really a backyard, there’s no door to go out there or anything, but hey, I can pretend.

Then we had the beautiful snow on Christmas Eve. I got to shovel the driveway (because, yes, I do enjoy shoveling) and then went and did the neighbor’s too. Okay, most of it was not serious shoveling & involved tossing snow at my sister, but the driveways got cleared eventually!

One of my favorite snow moments happened when I was at Eastern. I think it was my sophomore year and I went to the library one morning between classes. I had my cd player (cd player?! what is this?!?) and had a Christmas mix. I was in my regular spot by the bridge and was able to look out to the Triad. It was snowing the hugest flakes ever. Then I got busy doing something (homework? crossword? we’ll never know) and I looked back up and it had stopped 😦 It was really sad. But really pretty for a while!

There was another time where I walked from Weller to the library (I think to check out a Christmas movie- Jingle all the Way maybe?) and slipped and fell twice hehe. That was fun.

From other people’s facebooks, I think that down south they got a lot more than our measly half an inch, so I’m jealous of snowdays. Today would be the perfect day to snuggle up on the couch and throw in some Lucy (heck, any day is a good day to do that, but the snow just makes that better). I did bring some hot chocolate to work today. It’s not all that warm now, but oh well, still delish!

Happy snow day to anyone who has one! This is my car, Skylar. I took this this morning.


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