Favorite Foods

Most people who know me know that I’m a pretty picky eater. Well, maybe not picky, but, selective. (okay maybe there’s not difference). I’m not into trying new things- give me a slice of cheese pizza (with mushrooms depending on where the ‘za is from) or a bowl of spaghetti (or any variety of pasta) with regular spaghetti sauce (mmm with mushrooms) and I’m set. I have been trying some new recipes and I now only pick out about half of the onions and tomatoes in my chili as opposed to all of them.

There is, however, one food combination that I love. It is weird to even me and I don’t know if anyone else eats this. I love love love a gooey grilled cheese (two pieces of [wheat] bread and american cheese- none of this fancy grilled cheese for me) with…pickle slices. I love grilled cheese & I love pickles, so one day I must have decided to combine the two. That one day was probably 15 years ago because I can remember eating grilled cheese with pickles for forever.

I don’t always put pickles on my grilled cheese though. If I’m eating tomato soup, or my absolute favorite Campbells Tomato Rice (which, unfortunately, can only be found at select grocery stores, which, fortunately, living in a town like Bloomington/Normal, I have found at like three stores), no pickles for me because that’s just gross. I made M put one pickle slice on his grilled cheese (and I was kinda sad I had to give it up- I originally gave him the one that had fallen on the floor hehe, but decided that was mean, so gave up one of mine). He ate it and didn’t say it was gross, but looked at me like I was crazy.

Another weird, but maybe not as weird?, combo that I like is macaroni and peas. We had macaroni and cheese tonight, but no peas. It was the Kraft spiral kind- those are my fave, but we’re too poor to regularly buy the spirals.

Tonight’s dinner was filled with a bunch of faves (I also really like grilled cheese and potato chips, preferably wavy lays, but all we had was kitchen cooked, so I had a handful of those on the side). This is a picture of my plate- my happy plate if you will (that’s what my mom would call our plates when we finished all of our food). I devoured all of this deliciouness before I could think to take a picture šŸ™‚


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