Last First Day

Today, Monday, January 10, 2011, marks my last first day of being a student…ever! I was going to say of being a college student, which is true, but really of being any kind of student! I don’t plan on getting any more degrees (I have however briefly considered taking basic spanish classes so that my spanish minor is actually useful…so I suppose who knows if it’s really my last day). This is a picture of my notebook for the semester:


What’s different about this notebook than any other notebook you may ask? Well, this was my notebook last semeseter too. It took me however many years of school (18? plus two years of pre-school? 20?) to figure out, that yes, Hannah, the world will not end if you do not buy a new notebook. In fact, you’re probably saving the world by using the same one
(not to mention like five bucks)! Every year though I’ve felt it was necessary to buy new notebooks for class. I have a bazillion old notebooks laying around (because I do not throw anything away, I may need those biology notes sometime!), but I never thought I could reuse them until now (I mean, I did think about doing it, but I just never actually wanted to). I don’t know what made me do it, maybe it’s the added expenses to my life lately or my need to be more green, but it’s what I’m going to do! Last night I cleaned it out, tore out (…and saved) out the pages from last semester, so it’s really practically brand new, minus about 25 pages, a few scratches and my name on the back. Anyway, bring on spring 2011!

I can’t believe I just wrote that much about my notebook. [by the way it’s green because I was on a big green kick back in August and bought all of my desk supplies, including a green stapler WITH green staples, in green…it’s actually pretty fab]

I have my first class today. It is an undergrad class that I’m taking as an elective- Self & Society. Let’s be real, I’m taking it because it’s probably easy (ugh I hope so!) and I’m sure I can apply it to my life somehow (I hope so!). It’s going to be weird a. having an afternoon class (2:30-3:45 I think) and b. having a class twice a week (Monday & Wednesday). I just realized that if we get homework today, I only have two days to do it instead of the regular week that I’m used to!

It doesn’t feel real that I’m starting my last semester of grad school. It will probably feel more real once I get a job. I need to stop talking about finding a job and actually start looking. That resume of mine isn’t going to write itself though!

On another note, I can’t decide if I want to visit our new rec center today or not. I really do, but I don’t want to face the millions of people who are going to be there (today is the first day it’s open and it’s supa-fancy). If I do go, I will probably only do classes, at least for now until the excitement wears off. I’m thinking of doing a total body conditioning class (ugh! We’ll see how that one goes…) and prob a step class. I’m sad because zumba and step are offered at the same time on Mondays and I want to do both. Zumba is offered lots more times throughout the week (sadly twice while I’m in class though boooo and once at 9:30 at night- dunno if I can stay up for that one!) and on the weekend too. I loved it last semester and I’m sad I stopped going!

Okay. It’s one o’clock- time for some lunch!

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